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501 c (3) Tax exempt humanitarian fund

Why be compassionate?

It makes good economic sense:

 “This is not a political issue. It’s about the economic health of the country. How our business uses this technology makes us more competitive globally.” John Chambers-Cisco Systems

 Over 60% of all high tech sales take place in the emerging markets of the world. IP technology is related to Energy and Construction.  These are the engines for our "new economy." Our key companies are positioned to participate in the greatest economic boom that the world has ever seen. The Russian IP and voice convergence network markets represents excellent opportunities for U.S. companies due to our world class expertise in advanced telecommunication technologies. Open, packet-switched networking is how communications carriage will be accomplished in Russia. We must continue to support the “people to people” bridges between the Russian and American people. A Russian market-driven economy will mean greater need for the technologies that are created in the Bay Area's  Silicon Valley, and the rest of the U.S.

 It is the right thing to do:

 As Deepak Chopra stated, “Every action generates a force of energy that returns to us in like kind…what we sow is what we reap. And when we choose actions that bring happiness and success to others, the fruits of our karma is happiness and success.”

 Individuals can only fulfill themselves through service in helping others.  It is hard to imagine that the estimated one thousand woman, children, sisters, brothers, relatives and extended families of those that perished will come back any more, that their footsteps will never be heard and that they will no longer hug those they loved. Our Silicon Valley Community was founded on the principals of compassion and diversity. Many of the immigrants who make up the skilled technology pool arrived from the tragedies of war and national disasters. We have always reached out to help all people regardless of political beliefs, national origin, or gender. When others feel pain, we all wish to reach out to comfort them. During this severe Arctic winter, the mothers, children, and relatives need basic hard currency to overcome the economic and personal disaster that they are experiencing. We, as a compassionate Northern California Charitable Community, have always taken a portion of our abundance, to help other Nations and their people during their period of loss and need. This “heart to heart” humanitarian effort is the right thing to do and it is tax deductible. You can give at any dollar level. Be it small (individual) or large (grants and sponsorships) it will be appreciated.

"I am reminded of the old African proverb: "The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is right now."-Richard Schlosberg III former publisher and CEO of the Denver Post and the LA Times.

 Fund Guidelines: The Board and its Directors will promote educational scholarship grants between the United States and Russia.  Rehabilitation efforts for the orphans and orphanages will be coordinated through KIDS SAFE. To encourage the growth of private enterprise in the Former Soviet Union, we will provide micro-enterprise loans for the immediate core relatives and then to branch out to the second, third and fourth tier of Kursk relatives which is estimated to be 4234.  The Fund encourages its Board Members to actively participate by assisting with the giving of $5,000./core family member. All assistance will be by application only to justify and verify the truthfulness of the identity of family members.

The Carnegie Corporation of New York has donated their packaged video and 2001-research paper, "Russia-Facing the Future." In addition, we will provide a scale model of the Kursk in a viewing case for generous corporate grant givers and board members. The Russian model maker, Alex Antonov, is world renown.

This is a high profile and strategic effort for many Corporate Executives. It is the only U.S. effort that is spontaneous and an example of a non-political rehabilitation effort for the people of Russia.

How can we be assured that what we give will be received directly by the families and not the officials? 

In 1996, Mr. Richard T. Kusiolek was selected by the Russian Privatization Committee to select and invite the U.S. Silicon Valley Delegation to present their views on how to improve Russia’s movement towards a free market economy.
Mr. Kusiolek was an early Silicon Valley visionary in the area of wireless Internet, is an author of a book on family values in the Silicon Valley, Adjunct Professor at the Graduate Schools of Business at the Bay Area State University System, Founder of the vision for the Multimedia Corridor in Malaysia, and Wireless Kiosks for the City of San Jose. Currently, Richard writes and teaches on IP convergence within Russia, China, and India. Mr. Kusiolek works with the editor of the only periodic newspaper for the over one million Russian Americans. Its editor, Boris Kornilov, has agreed to travel to Russia to personally deliver the payments to the families. Mr. Kornilov is well known in Washington D.C. with BISNIS (U.S. Department of Commerce), the U.S. - Russia Business Council and other private companies in the NIS and Russia. All of these giving events will be photographed, audited by KPMG, and posted on our web site.   Mr. Kusiolek continues to work closely with technology transfer projects in Russia and in China that benefit the United States.

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