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Alternatives to using credit cards:
Postal Orders, International Money Orders, American Express Moneygrams (Include your credit card number, 
expiration date, amount to debit), made payable to Kursk Relatives Relief (USA) Fund-RTKusiolek and post to
Kursk Relatives Relief (USA) Fund
POBox 1416
Mountain View, California, USA

International Telegraphic Transfer:

Go into your bank and tell them you want to transfer some money
to an account in the United States and provide them with these details:
California Bank and Trust of Mountain View California
Account Name: Kursk Relatives Relief (USA) Fund (ACN 17-700066-31)
BSB Code: 999 Account Number: 17-700066-31
Postal Address: California Bank & Trust
700 West El Camino Real
Mountain View, CA. 94040

If you experience problems call 650-969-9440-ask for Sieh Loh

Western Union Money Transfer:
Simply telephone your directory assistance number and ask for Western Union.
They will tell you how you can donate using a money transfer and when you do make
a payment you will be asked  for the receivers Name and Address, which is:
Richard Theodor Kusiolek
211 Hope Street #1416
Mountain View, Ca.
Western Union will give you a 10 digit code. Your should e-mail this code to with the amount paid.

Cheque (Check):
Simply post a personal or bank check made payable to:
Kursk Relatives Relief (USA) Fund -RTKusiolek
Address       RTKusiolek
                    Kursk Relatives Relief (USA) Fund
                    PO Box 1416
                    Mountain View, CA. USA 94042-1416
The currency of the check MUST BE THE SAME as the currency you are paying to us. Don't use a Canadian check and make it payable for US$ (your donation) dollars.

In the United States over the counter:
Go into your bank and complete a deposit slip with the account below. Take
this to the teller with a cash deposit or a cheque payable to 
Kursk Relatives Relief (USA) Fund-RTKusiolek
Account Number #17-700066-31.
Obtain a receipt and then fax to 650-969-9645 or scan and email it to

R.T.Kusiolek, Chairman
John M. Thorpe, Esq.
Anna Belyahova, Managing Director

Board of Directors: